Wordless Wednesday (except with words)….

Yup still messing around with Panniers, this one, and a 74xx being done on mates rates for goodies for future projects! A few people have messaged asking why no updates for a while?

Last week saw me in Dolgellau, working on a Welsh project which has been taking a bit of time out of the diary.

Leaving Dog Leg as my late father in law called it, I followed part of the route of the Cambrian railway down through Llanidloes and out to Rhayader, I had a quick look at Tylwch station a site and location that has excellent potential for a shelf layout, but pressing on I headed up to the Elan valley and the Claerwen dam. The weather looked promising, and an opportunity too good to pass up.

From there I set off again, ‘off grid’ almost, to give the lefty a shakedown and a recce for the remote part of a trans Cambrian Audax route I’m hoping to ride later this year. That’s where the time is going, preparation for TinaT, if I can get the time, altitude and miles in.

Twelve miles without a soul or sound, a genuine ‘silent’ valley. It was like someone had pressed ‘mute’ very peculiar even for me living in a rural location.

So this is the first stage, I have an idea how remote and rugged the terrain is, and the mindset to do this with no ‘support team’ or easy access to assistance.

The next thing is choosing which ‘lefty’ to use, the mountain bike, or the Gravel bike? Even harder than choosing which Pannier to model!

This is not a Tour..

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