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Really depressing news for the exhibition circuit today. Recently we’ve seen prototype preservation organisations suffer vandalism, and this is the first time (I recall) a similar issue  within the hobby at a show.

Please make sure if you’re exhibiting you make a realistic assessment of the value of your ‘stuff’, both for the organisers benefit, and yourselves. We all know we will never get back the true value of our time and effort in a claim, for some of these guys this will be the mental equivalent of a break in and vandalism at home.

For any reader whose work and labour of love has been damaged in this event, please try and dust yourself down, and push forward with the hobby.

So easy to write, so much harder to do.

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1 Response to Cover it!

  1. Grasslands says:

    It has all made me so sad this morning. I really feel for those poor people.

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