Throwback Thursday , Standing Back

It is interesting sometimes doing that arty ‘stand back’ and look at what you’ve done. I’m doing this a lot at the moment, getting the layout ready to go out for the second time. This picture was taken early January and if you looked at the layout now, you wouldn’t see any big changes, it’d look less complete in fact.

More trees have been blocked in, but the whole ‘presentation’ element has been removed, and it’s a green asteroid on stands! This week the new material for the final backscene arrives, (hopefully!) and then a new lighting rig. I’m not expecting any significant structural changes, but I thought that with both Albion Yard and Shelfie, only to be surprised and finding further improvements very late on.

In the meantime I’ve got the new walkabout panel to wire up, and I hate wiring, some potty mouthed moments to come from the man cave later!

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2 Responses to Throwback Thursday , Standing Back

  1. WOW!! The trees look really good!!

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