Cancellation Scalefourum 2019

Regrettably due to unforeseen and unavoidable family circumstances we’ve had to withdraw from Scalefourum 2019, where we’d been invited as guest layout. We extend apologies to Terry and the Scalefourum team, and readers who were hoping to see us there.

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7 Responses to Cancellation Scalefourum 2019

  1. Hope whatever is going on is resolved happily mate.
    These things have to come first.

  2. Oh no, I was counting on you to assist in the ruination of Hanson on Saturday………….

  3. otcm says:

    We will just have to up the ante ourselves…! (and rearrange a curry another time)

  4. niccolasjames says:

    Hi, that is a shame. I hope everything gets better.

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