Throwback Thursday, The 74

74xx Bachmann 64xx 31-636

It was around five years back that Bachmann brought their 64xx to market. Adding to the high and low cab variations of the 57xx family already in the range. I bought a couple for the Forest of Dean project, (still in planning!), and converted a couple to the top feed removed variety, one of which seen below.

Bachmann 64xx 31-638 31-636

The ‘problem’ with the 64xx for me is that they weren’t common in the Forest, 54xx were seen but that means a full High Level chassis conversion, and I’m not sure if I want one enough to do that yet. I’ve been fortunate to pick up a couple of the 64’s cheaply and had one sitting, slightly damaged, available to do something with. A friend wanted a 74xx, a late one, and this seemed a good opportunity to do one. 74’s were very similar to late 64xx’s, with a few easy to modify changes. The bunker to cab join is a right angle, a flush front and rear cab roof, a lever rather than screw reverse, no auto coach gear (74xx), different grab rails on the tank side, and for the later 74’s, open front tank supports.

OO Bachmann 74xx 64xx conversion

You can see the open tank support on this image, it was a task I wasn’t looking forward to but James Hilton had announced them in his range of 3D printed kits and components, no further thought was required, two sets ordered immediately!

James Hilton 3D print 74xx tank supports

The other detail on the face of the model to be addressed is replacing the rigid Bachmann buffers with sprung versions, note the removed auto gear housing too.

74xx Bachmann 64xx 31-638 31-634

One of the elements to bring an engine to ‘life’ is to give it something that sets it apart. My two usual areas are glazing and cab doors or shutters. Altering and improving those can give a noticeable difference really quickly.

OO gauge Bachmann 74xx conversion

In the two pictures above you can see the cab rear shutters have been removed for replacing, as has the roof vent. With this model I’ve also opened the cab door and removed the coal load allowing the bunker sides to be thinned and adding etched lamp irons.

Shawplan etched Western Region lamp irons

Yep, it’s 0.5mm drilled and pinned. And moderately ‘sweary’.

So the model is very much reaching that stage where it all comes together, or sits on the shelf doom in the man cave for a year or two, you know how it goes!

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