Hornby Prairie R3723/R3723x

Hornby Large Prairie R3723 R3723x R3719x R3721x R3725x

The first of the Hornby Large Prairies has arrived at the man cave. Firstly an apology, I’ve taken it out of its box and run it already. Sorry about that, but if you want to watch someone literally opening a box, you won’t find it here. A proper set of pics later, initial impressions are very favourable, expeditious dispatch from Hornby, nothing broken in transit. On opening the box (not here) the model finish is excellent, and on rollers it runs smoothly and quietly through the speed range in both directions.

So, a good start.

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1 Response to Hornby Prairie R3723/R3723x

  1. Liddy Lydford says:

    Good for you. I really don’t get this fascination with watching someone open a box!!! Smooth running is a billion times more important!

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