Motivation Monday 02 Forwards

Craftsman 02

It’s funny how this little engine has been quite the motivator.

Started as much as eight years ago, likely quite a bit more, but I can’t really remember it’s been so long! But this one for some reason just needed to be finished. Other kits ‘meh!’ And have been sold on incomplete or unstarted. This one though bagged to br done. Possibly because it was a starter kit back in the day, so if you didn’t finish it, you weren’t trying hard enough. Since completing it though it’s spurred on a good few short tasks. Subsequently a 24/1 conversion on a Bachmann 24 has now been completed and there’s a Heljan LNER 02 going through weathering at the moment too. And Shelfie3?, well that’s ticking over. Track plan and operations are sorted and working through required stock has proved interesting. It’s still not ‘landed’ yet though, the geography vs stock/location not yet giving an immediate feel that it’s right. It’s the sort of point where it’s probably better to put it away for a few weeks and then revisit it. In the meantime Shelfie2 gets its pictures taken in a week or two’s time, and there’s a few shelf wagons to complete before then. But it’s mainly due to completing the 02, suddenly the man cave shelf queens are now fair game to complete or move on. That’s a good thing!

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