Throwback Thursday, Happy Christmas

Well, 2020! This should probably be a #throwbackthursday post, not just because it’s a Thursday, but if you actually caught 2020, you’d certainly want to throw it back..

2021 will have to go some to make it as memorable as 2020. It’s that time to say thank you again to you readers, for taking the time to stop by and spend some of your time reading the blog, and wish you the compliments of the season., and to make the best you can of it. As in past years I’d ask you to take some time and read the other writers blogs in the attached blog roll, there’s always some really good content there. Also most of my colleagues in the aviation sector have had a very tough year, not that we’re unique in that aspect by any means, least of all this year!

In past years I’ve put up a link to a YouTube vid that captures my imagination from the industry, and this years no different. It’s En Zed again at Queenstown with a B737-800 on approach. Pop a cold one and enjoy it.

Thanks for reading!

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