Unconsidered Trifles

It’s an unconventional title for an unconventional book.

Written and illustrated by Geoff Kent, (builder of the above scene), it takes a look at the everyday scene, with emphasis on capturing architecture, and signage and infrastructure that is gradually becoming rarer. This is one of the latest books from the Wild Swan stable.

Using images taken within the last five years or so, it takes the reader through signage, buildings, roads, railway and ephemera, from real life. By that I mean these are artefacts that are ‘out there’ now, rather than museum pieces. Captions are biased toward descriptive rather than technical, but loose nothing by taking that emphasis. Whilst the images are contemporary it doesn’t take much imagination to ‘backdate’ them, though for someone modelling ‘today’ they are equally valid in showing ‘heritage’ in a current setting. The core of the images are rural or ‘county town’, not only because that fits the authors interest, but also where much of this real life heritage can still be found. There’s almost certainly the potential for other volumes looking at cityscapes and urban areas too.

There’s no modelling images throughout the book, however that doesn’t detract from its value in any sense, but I think perhaps one or two could have helped demonstrate the value of recording these types of environment images. The value of images like this are particularly well demonstrated when you take a close look at Geoff’s layout ‘Black Lion Crossing’ featured in Model Railway Journal No.214, 269 and 270. Within those articles you can see a direct link between the images in Unconsidered Trifles, and the authors own models. Geoff also mentions artists within the subtext, and this is very relevant for those who are looking to capture those bygone days in other mediums, not just our modelling field.

A typical Wild Swan softback of 64 pages, to their well renowned print quality. For me it’s a good addition to the man cave library, it encourages you to open your eyes more to your own environment, and capture interesting features before they’re gone. The image that resonated with me? The Cyclists Touring Club sign. Brought back many treasured memories of my late father, and his images of cycle touring in the thirties and later.

Unconsidered Trifles £14.95

ISBN 978-1-912038-65-7


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  1. Paul Morris says:

    What a wonderful-looking book, and thankyou for bringing it to my attention. I have a birthday coming up at the end of January, so I shall be dropping a few hints…!

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