Throwback Thursday The War Department Bucketlist

WD 2-10-0 Austerity

Back in the midsts of time I always wanted a complete set of British Rail ‘Standards’. Don’t know why, but I set about the task Hunter gatherer stylee, and apart from the WD 2-10-0, I ended up with all the available types as kits. Which of course ended up on the mancave maturing shelf gathering dust. We all know how that story ends up, Acme Train Co., brings out a decent RTR model of the type and the kit continues to ‘mature’ on the shelf. Guilty as charged…

Bachmann WD 2-8-0
32-258 32-257

One of the first really good takes on the ‘Standard’ types in OO was Bachmann’s WD 2-8-0. Accurate, well made, and reliable. In short everything you’d want from a RTR model. I indulged in one early on, subsequently replaced the maturing kit shelf queen’s with RTR examples. I make no apologies for this, the RTR versions give me a quick fix, and a consistent one in terms of appearance.

The 9F’s are a case in point. I was an early adopter of the Model Loco range in the late 80’s. I bought the 9F rather than modifying another Hornby version, (I’d done several previously). They of course went straight to shelf, rather than DVD, and moved on when the unrealistic prospect of making them dawned due to time/life constraints. SABLE (Stash Aquired Beyond Life Expectancy), was rearing it’s head even then. The Bachmann 9F however is still a firm favourite! They are excellent in their own right, but stand as a good basis for further work.

Bachmann 9F 32-853

I currently have an ex ‘Cadbury’s’ version underway, see above. Why Cadbury’s? Well an early weathered version suffered excess browning in the days of early factory weathered RTR, see picture courtesy of Hattons below.

Bachmann 9F 32-853 ( Hattons)

So much so, this (and a good few others) looked like they had been dipped in milk chocolate! This is a slow burner, replacement pony and tender wheelsets to come and a makeover including repaint and fine detailing to finish.

DJH K39 BR/WD Austerity 2-10-0

So what of the WD 2-10-0 and the bucketlist? It’s one of those locomotives that just captures my imagination, much like it’s smaller sibling, I’ve no use for it apart from I like them. Due to the small numbers of the prototype and relatively limited sphere of operations, these are unlikely to be a candidate for a RTR model so the only game in town is this DJH kit.

DJH K39 WD Austerity 2-10-0

This one came via Tony Wright dealing with an estate sale. Offered as a very poor runner at a fair price, it was an easy choice to make, and I’m very happy with it. Now back in the mancave I’ve been able to to take an initial look at it to assess what needs to be altered. Overall the build quality is good, and the tender immediately stood out as ‘odd’.

Basically the chassis sides are back to front. Some prodding and disassembly indicated a partial glue assembly, and this will be a relatively easy fix. The locomotive body assembly is pretty good and I doubt much work will be needed. Next the main chassis, this is where most work is needed. It’s built as per instructions. There’s rigid connecting rods, so little lateral play. Romford drivers are used with centre and leading axle unflanged. The motor works well in reverse but in forward motion the armature bounces within the motor frame. In due course I think it’s going to be a chassis rebuild, with a new motor and gearbox combination. Wheelsets will be replaced with either Gibson’s or Markits, both of whom make the correct wheels.

Bachmann 32-254A WD Austerity

It’s not a high priority project, but one that I think will be interesting. It’ll be a series of issues to resolve, and if it can stand toe to toe with Bachmann’s 2-8-0 above, (a 2009 image from Albion Yard), then I’ll be well pleased.

Updates to follow in due course. At the moment, obvs, it’s ‘maturing’, but the tick is on the bucketlist!

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