Transformation Tuesday Mosquito

Airfix A04023 Mosquito

Today has been a ‘down day’, a short gap between work cycles, and a day off from Viking Challenge preparation, I thought I’d ring the changes by breaking out some other plastic. Like many in the hobby I started out with the pocket money Airfix/Frog/Revell kits and an excellent introduction to this type of building craft they were.

Over the years the plastic kit hobby has changed with more details and after market components, and new techniques, much as the rail hobby has too. Airfix, like Hornby, had a bit of a fallow period in the not too distant past, but of late they’re producing some really nice kits. The De Havilland Mosquito above is one such model, a 2021 release it captures the overall appearance well. Certainly well enough for me to simply enjoy nailing it together straight out of the box.

Airfix A04023 Mosquito Cockpit

The design and fit of the components is superb, as are the instructions. There’s a very interesting video here featuring the designer and his thoughts on how the kit was ‘put together’ design and build wise.

So what will I get from this apart from a dust collector? Well I’ll be trying a new airbrush, I also want to try some new masking techniques, and I want a project that has a start, and definitive finish. So far, so good!

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