Heljan Class 02 Diesel Update

Today at Heaton Lodge Junction exhibition at Wakefield Heljan had their first EP of the 4mm OO scale class 02 diesel shunter.

Heljan Class 02 Diesel
Heljan Class 02 Diesel
Heljan Class 02 Diesel
Heljan Class 02 Diesel
Heljan Class 02 Diesel
Heljan Class 02 Diesel

It’s important to note this is the first hand assembled version of the model, and there was no facility to see it running. A quick look at the chassis, and subject to confirmation, the pick ups look like they are a split axle with insulated axle bearings. The core chassis block is metal and the model has a reasonable weight for its size. DCC sound, again subject to confirmation will have a cab location for a small iPhone type speaker.

Heljan Class 02 Diesel

An O gauge sample has also arrived but wasn’t available to look at. No delivery date of both types is available, but with both scale EP’s having been produced, they are clearly well underway.

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  1. Now that is a lovely little loco.

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