Motivation Monday, a Show!

This past weekend I went to my first show in two years. And I’m pretty certain the last show I went to was the Doncaster show in 2020.

Blueball Summit

I wasn’t sure what to expect on arrival, obviously C19 here in the UK is still very much an issue. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a high turnout of visitors, I’d got there at 14:00 and it was still busy, and there wasn’t the notable afternoon drop off in numbers. People were giving each other space and I’d estimate about 40% wearing masks (non compulsory). It was still busy around some layouts and stands but not oppressively so.

Blueball Summit

One thing I did note was I felt the overall quality of layouts was biased towards the D&E sector, and seeing Blueball Summit was really pleasant.

Blueball Summit
Blueball Summit

Blueball Summit is one of those layouts that is really well executed, runs very well and demonstrates the scenic potential of the 2mm genre.

Burnroyd Works

In 4mm scale the layout that caught my attention was Burnroyd Works.

Burnroyd Works
Burnroyd Works

The element of both these layouts that really worked for me, was the attention to detail, simple things like how the equipment on Burnroyd was placed, nothing had you thinking, why? Also making them stand out was the coloring, and the overall presentation, the whole ‘look’ of the layouts and their operation for me just ‘worked’.

Burnroyd Works

In terms of presentation there were a couple of layouts without any lighting at all, I still find that surprising, as it’s not making the best of the modellers effort, and I think I’d now find it very frustrating to operate a layout in poor lighting.

Trade looked busy, those I spoke to had had a good day and were pleased with the punters turn out.

Accurascale Deltic
Accurascale Deltic

There were a few items of interest on the Rails of Sheffield stand with engineering prototypes from, Accurascale Sonic, Cavalex and Planet Industrials

Sonic Great Central A5
Rails of Sheffield North Eastern Railcar

There’s a short uchoob video here of the EP’s Rails Doncaster So what motivated me? Well seeing a good number of people I’d not seen for two years and just catching up was nice, being able to look at a good cross section of trade too and picking up a few bits to complete outstanding tasks, like paint!

Bachmann China Clay Wagon

This wagon above is one of those projects. Finding the Parkside chassis kit, wheels, and plastic strip at Eileens is just one of those nice experiences it’s all to easy to forget. So all in all a motivating day!

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4 Responses to Motivation Monday, a Show!

  1. Chris Mears says:

    This is so encouraging. I see Blueball Summit was part of this show–I’d love to see this layout in person. Hopefully we really are turning a corner on the pandemic and travel becomes a thing again–there’s so many places to go.


  2. Richard Slipper says:

    Good to see exhibitions starting. But may I ask what and why you are doing to that Clay wagon. I acquired a number of bodies at Ally Pally a couple of years ago with the intention of adding to a chassis. I had in mind the Ratio one. Thanks. RichardS

    • bawdsey says:

      Hi Richard like you I too got a few of f those bodies including the chassis from a friend. I thought I’d try one of the Parkside chassis’ with bits from my parts bin, LMS buffers, Gibson wheels. Having had a look at a Ratio kit I think the way I’d go forward is to just build the Ratio kit in it’s entirety.

      • Richard Slipper says:

        Thanks, my problem is the roller bearings. I think the 9ft parkside chassis kit has the right axles boxes & extra parts for a fitted wagon as most were of course. Don’t understand Bachmann’s roller bearing unfitted grey painted design.. Seems all wrong. Never mind.

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