Peco Bullhead Track Model Rail Scotland

This weekend at Scotland’s premier exhibition Peco’s have prototypes of the medium radius bullhead points on display.

Peco Bullhead Medium Radius Turnout
Copyright P. David Smith

Planned release is 2022 for both these new additions, and will follow the release of the OO bullhead crossings and single/double slips, of which production has started. From these images it looks like the medium radius are following the same construction format as the previously released large radius point. Blades are a single rail rather than split with a mechanical pivot point. The design is of the Unifrog DCC/DC compatibility, which is being introduced across a number of the Peco track ranges.

Catalogue numbers are:

SL-U1195 Right Hand and SL-U1196 Left Hand

Peco Bullhead Points. Copyright P David Smith

Also on show are examples of the crossings and slips on their stand this weekend. Hopefully these will all be available in the near future.

My thanks to Paul David Smith for the brief update and images.

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4 Responses to Peco Bullhead Track Model Rail Scotland

  1. Richard Slipper says:

    Hi, was there any indication of price? Heard one suggestion from a retailer and my jaw hit the floor.

    • bawdsey says:

      Not to my knowledge, I’d expect the medium radius to be a similar price to the large so around £35. I’d guess slips will be £70+, due hand assembled, which is still cheaper than a C&L kit

      • Richard Slipper says:

        The retailer suggested £100 for the slips. Hopfully, they were being conservative. Bosmelin is designed to have three. 😟

      • bawdsey says:

        Looking at the price of current code75 slips, with the new types hand assembled, that retailer might not be far off the mark

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