Transformation Tuesday, Relax…

Shelfie 3

Well what’s the transformation then? Beer? nope, no change there, DMU?, nope, no change, a shelf layout?, nope, still no change.

The reason for popping the top off this cool one, is the transformation in operating this layout, Shelfie 3. Put simply, it now works as it should. Some readers may remember this Shelfie 3 time lapse, filmed a while ago showing the sort of traffic flow the layout will have. Of note in the film is (as my mate Mr Chapman notes), the Rick Wakemanesque piano playing style of switching DC isolation sections.

Shelfie 3

Well as of today the final wiring fix has been completed, hence the cold one. To be honest it’s not the most complex arrangement, three turnouts, and seven isolating sections.

However, wiring and me are an oil/water thing they just don’t mix, so having all the switchgear and wiring loom all tidy and functional from a single panel is for me a real step forward.

Shelfie 3 Traverser

The final fix wiring is one of those ‘little wins’, as was the rotary switch wiring and build of the traverser above. The whole layout and concept is really pretty simple, but it always slows up for me with the electrical section, sometimes being quite the mojo deflator. It’s certainly taken far too long too get done, and I can get on with the good stuff like James Hilton, Chris Mears, OTCM and Geoff Forster have been writing about.

However as I close this post it occurs, theres a good deal of satisfaction just sitting here playing trains with a beer.

Or two, jus sayin….

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