MRJ 288 and a Craftsman

Not a bad thing to come home to after a hard day at the office, (stop laughing at the back). MRJ number 288 edited by Jerry Clifford.

A nice issue this one, with a broad range of subject matter, ^^see above ^^. The cover shows the late Keith Armes 2mm finescale model of Chipping Norton’s Bliss Tweed Mill. Seeing it brings back memories of seeing it at the MRJ exhibition at Central Hall in 1990, and wondering how on earth was that thirty years ago?

Fighting for space through the letterbox with MRJ is April 2022’s Railroad Model Craftsman, my current analog preference for North American outline modelling. If you’ve not seen one, it’s worth trying. Most times a good selection of varied material, both era and prototype is covered, and their current layout project is a shelf layout, naturally capturing my attention.

Anyhow wibbling on about what I’ve got to read, isn’t going to get it read, so that’s what I’m going to do!

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