Peco Bullhead Crossings and Slips

Peco SL-U1194 Long Crossing

At Heaton Lodge’s Bath and West exhibition today, I had the opportunity to get a quick look some production samples of the crossing, and slip points on Peco’s trade exhibition stand.

Peco SL-U1194 Long Crossing
Peco SL-U1194 Long Crossing

The crossings and slips utilise the same ‘Unifrog’ design as the large radius bullhead points. A quick chat with the Peco staff indicates that if you’re familiar with the Unifrog wiring system, the slips and crossing electrical configuration will be the same.

Peco SL-U1190 Double Slip
Peco SL-U1190 Double Slip
Peco SL-U1190 Double Slip

The quality of the crossing and slips looks excellent, I only had a brief opportunity to look them over. All three pieces of trackwork are uniform rather than handed, and match existing Peco Streamline geometry.

Peco SL-U1180 Single Slip
Peco SL-U1180 Single Slip
Peco SL-U1180 Single Slip

As can be seen these are production samples. Manufacturing is currently taking place, and delivery is imminent. No prices are announced as yet (I asked obvs), but due to hand assembly it’s reasonable to assume they’ll be more expensive than current Code100 and Code75 slips.

Peco Medium Radius
Left Hand Bullhead Point EP
Peco Medium Radius
Right Hand Bullhead Point EP

Also on display were examples of engineering prototypes of the medium radius points. These are still work in progress with no release date or prices as yet.

Peco Medium Radius Bullhead Point

However I think it’s likely they will be a similar price to the existing large radius points. These appear to be tooling shots rather than 3D prints indicating good progress on them and hopefully a release not long after the crossing and slips.

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3 Responses to Peco Bullhead Crossings and Slips

  1. Richard Slipper says:

    My wallet is trembling. I am planning to use the bullhead on Bosmelin (

  2. Richard Slipper says:

    My wallet is trembling already..I plan to use the Bullhead on Bosmelin ( – blog hasn’t been updated for a while)
    where the track plan requires a double & a single slip. A second double could be indicated but will depend on price.
    I see the Peco bullhead as a fair compromise between traditional OO track and fine scale hand built EM/P4 where a larger layout precludes the time needed and costs of chasiss & re-wheeling of the ‘broader gauges.’

  3. Chris Mears says:

    This new line of track looks just so beautiful and lacy. I feel like I want to buy a turnout just to have one to look at.


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