TT First look

New Peco TT Products

Peco TT Points SL-U1295 SL-U1296

This is literally my first look at the new Peco TT scale products. The first thing that strikes me, as a former (environment officer), in a very good way is the packaging, 100% recyclable!

Peco TT New Products

As we can see it’s not a ‘bling’ shiney look, and I think that’s a bold and commendable decision on Peco’s part. It does make sense, as modellers once we’ve laid track, made a building kit, the packaging is superfluous, so in todays world being able to recycle it easily is very much on trend, and on message.

Peco TT Medium Radius Right Hand Point Code 55 SL-U1295

I’ve one of each of the medium points, they use the Unifrog system, so work as either ‘dead’ or ‘live’ frog straight from the pack. The construction of them will be familiar to anyone who’s used the streamline range in other scales, and over the next day or so I’ll take a proper look at the first launch items, and I’m genuinely excited by the prospect!

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