Virtue Signalling by Peco

Peco TT Signal Box LK-12100

Not so much ’high moral standards’ (though Peco have always been decent coves in my experience), but virtuous, as in very much in the way of a good thing. That’s the immediate impression on opening the TT laser cut wooden kits from Peco

Peco TT Signal Box LK-12100

These, Signal Box LK-12100, are kits that grab your attention on opening, the Country station building kit LK-12101 does exactly the same! The signal box above has me wanting to build it right now, (work prevents me from doing so).

Peco TT Signal Box LK-12100

Clean cut and easy to follow instructions give the impression this will be a pleasure to build. If it’s anything like the Highland 4mm scale signal box kit, the initial appearance bodes well.

Peco TT Country Station LK-12101

The detail particularly on the stonework of the station building is intriguing , and it’ll be fascinating to see how that translates once it’s painted.

The physical size of them already has me thinking about forced perspective modelling in 4mm scale, an entrancing prospect!

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