Throwback Thursday

Not Dursley …

This came up on a Facebook memory thing, and being eight years old it intrigued me to re-read it. I did, and it brought a wry grin, (or it may have been wind), to my face.

Peco Code 75 Bullhead Track

In the above post, I mused about the introduction of OO finescale track, there was much foaming going on about what and who should produce it, without any co-ordinated approach on the way forward. Step forward eight (OMG!) years and today we have the Peco Bullhead range, with the recent introduction of their crossings and slips. I’m pretty certain that the range was already in development at the time of the original posting, allowing for normal lead times too.

Shelfie 2

I thought in the above post that before we saw ‘finescale’ OO track I’d have built a model of Dursley. Well…. Shelfie 2 sits upon the baseboard that was earmarked for Dursley, but it does have some of the Peco Bullhead track on it! However Shelfie 3 in the header picture uses the new ‘finescale’ track entirely.

Peco TT Track

By bizarre coincidence while talking about the footprint on Shelfie1 in that post, I mentioned TT, and this month in the man cave, there’s TT track! On the interweb there was and is plenty of comments about how this TT should, or shouldn’t be done at all, parallels with the 2014 comments about finescale OO track.

The world moves in mysterious ways!

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