TT Tuesday Tracks

Peco TT SL-1200 Flexible Track

This probably looks like a boring old bit of flexitrack on first glance for Peco’s new TT track range, and yup, it’s 12mm gauge flexible track. End of story surely! However it does deserve a closer look.

Peco TT SL-1200 Flexible Track

There are two things immediately of note, the shape of the rail ends, (above), and the rigidity of the track. The rail is Peco’s Code 55 section. This in 1:120 (TT scale), is equivalent to a typical British Rail 113lb flat bottom rail.

Peco TT SL-1200 Flexible Track

The track represents wooden sleeper track with BR1 rail fixings, for both the flexible track and points. The same rail section is used in the points.

Peco TT SL-1200 Flexitrack

The rail has a web at its base that allows it to be threaded through the sleepers giving a firm foundation for the tracks.

Peco TT SL-1200 Flexible Track

The key reason for the track rigidity is apparent once it’s turned over. Not only is the rail itself quite rigid, but the webbing underneath the sleepers is rigid on one side. The opposite side has breaks every four sleepers. I do like this idea, it’ll make laying straight track easier, with no degradation of the practicality of cutting webs to make a curved section. One thing I did find interesting was that there are no blind holes in the flexi track base for drilling track pins, but there are in the points.

Peco TT SL-1208 Joiner Sleepers

Rail joiners for this track are Peco SL-310, already in the Peco range, and to assist joining sections, spare sleepers are also available.

Peco TT SL-1240 Buffer Stops

For the ends of sidings Peco provide a simple four part plastic kit for buffer stops in a bullhead rail section.

Peco TT SL-1240 Buffer Stops kit
Peco TT SL-1240 Buffer Stops

This kit took a couple of minutes to put together, fixed with polystyrene cement. The sleeper depth automatically allows alignment with the flexible track and points.

In the next TT post I’ll take a more detailed look at the Unifrog medium left and right hand points, these few weeks a bit of a track overdose, not only do I have the TT range to look at there’s more for the OO bullhead range, and O gauge set track to try out!

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