Realism Redefined / Heljan Introduce O Gauge PCA

Realism Redefined PCA

High-quality ‘O’ Gauge powder tank wagons for cement and chemical traffic to be released in 2023.

One of four exciting announcements from HELJAN this weekend at the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition is an all-new PCA powder tank wagon for O gauge. These superb new models are being produced exclusively for Realism Redefined, the retail arm of ‘Britain’s Biggest Model Railway’.

Realism Redefined O Gauge PCA Tank Wagon

Featuring compensated axles, sprung buffers and Instanter couplings, fine pipework and underframe detail, separately fitted walkways, the model is based on the depressed centre PCA tanks used for cement and chemical traffic since the 1980s. The first batch includes no fewer than 10 individually numbered and decorated cement wagons (see artwork below), allowing customers to assemble realistic ready-to-run block trains. Also in development are similar wagons in Lever Brothers/Tiger Rail and Albright & Wilson liveries for powdered chemical traffic – ideal for 1980s/90s Speedlink trains.

Realism Redefined O Gauge PCA

Priced at just £99 each, the PCAs represent excellent value for money and are expected to be extremely popular with ‘O’ gauge modellers. See for further information and advance orders.  

CAD work and livery artwork is complete and we expect the first engineering prototype samples to arrive in the UK for review in early-2023. Look out for further updates on this much-requested O gauge wagon soon.

Realism Redefined PCA 1060

1060 BCC Grey PCA 10800 ERA 8/9 

1061 BCC Grey PCA 10894 ERA 8/9 

1062 BCC Grey PCA 10747 ERA 8/9 

1063 BCC Grey PCA 10739 ERA 8/9

Realism Redefined PCA 1064

1064 BCC Grey PCA 10777 ERA 9 

1065 BCC Grey PCA 10770 ERA 8/9 

1066 BCC Grey 10762 ERA 8/9

Realism Redefined PCA 1067

1067 BCC Grey PCA 10749 ERA 9 

1068 BCC Grey PCA 10738 ERA 8/9 

1069 BCC Grey PCA 10888

Lever Bros O Gauge PCA

1078 Lever Bros/Tiger Rail Leasing PCA TRL10527 ERA 8

Albright & Wilson / Tiger PCA Era 8

1090 Albright & Wilson/Tiger PCA TRL10530 ERA 8

Albright & Wilson / Procor PCA

1091 Albright & Wilson/Procor PCA PR9498 ERA 7/8 

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