Warley Cavalex class 56

Cavalex OO class 56

Here at Warley for the first time in two years. A good vibe around the place and well attended. Getting into BR blue the EP from Cavalex is really looking good. Easy chip access, and exquisite detailing being of note, including the roof louvres being open.

Walk past Cavalex 56
Cavalex OO class 56

The footsteps and kick plates showing excellent attention they detail.

Easy access via magnetic roof panel
Cavalex class 56

The face is I think particularly good with the windows and cab profile looking the part. The open shoulder louvres are very apparent when viewed side on, it’s this sort of capture that I think will make this a very popular model. The finesse of them stands apart from other earlier models that have tried to replicate similar features.

Cavalex class 56
Cavalex Class 56

More ‘stuff’ later!

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