2023 First one in

Well 2023 is underway. It’ll be a big change and possibly challenge too. Both of us made redundant in December there’s a new life balance to work out, depending on whether anything turns up employment wise.

Planet Industrial ‘Victory’

One thing is certain, there’s going to be model building in some form or another, in terms of keeping the head space working modelling of any kind does just that. The ‘Victory’ above is just that, one of those simple makeovers that keeps the skill set alive. The idea was to give the appearance of a 1970’s era last of industrial steam locomotive, but one still looked after.

It’s a very simple makeover, the smoke box has been painted a dark grey, and the rear bunker masked and painted white using an Halfords enamel rattle can.

Railtec transfers form the chevrons, plain black stripes from the kit for 08 diesels fit once cut to size. These were left to settle and once dry varnished to give them a final fix.

Washes from Mig paints were applied to tone the stark whiteness of the bunker. The chassis and body were split to make the painting of those easier, (see how to split them in this video)

The overall weathering is slowly added to, so as not to overdose on filth.

So this project bridges 22/23, with just the last finishing touches to do, the top of the boiler and roof needs a bit more work.

One thing is certain for 2023, things will be different, and whatever modelling I do will be too. I’m reasonably happy that a viable aviation industry position will turn up, until then it’s treading water and not starting something which will be a burden. I’ve been fortunate that a couple of friends of the blog have asked me to do some product reviews and there’s a bit of a backlog of those.

The List…

An early priority is to sort the definitive list of stock (above), I’ve used fault free through the Peco Bullhead points and crossings. One idea is to add YouTube content using those, which could be good fun. Don’t worry no Sam strains content will be emerging from Albion Yard!

TT is intriguing and with an Hornby Class 08 on order think another Shelfie is on the to dolist. There’s an update to come on Shelfie3 and Shelfie4 too that may well involve a brave pill or two.

2022 has left the building, 2023 has already taken off. Have a good new year!

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