Shelfie 4, The River

No, I haven’t gone all Springsteen, not that there’d be anything wrong with that, but the river in question is Maple River, the layout title and water feature on Shelfie 4.

AK Interactive AK8003 Atlantic Blue

On this riverside shelf layout I want to try out a water feature and have had a few trials using paint. The video above is a short 2 minute snapshot intro to the AK interactive gel I’m trying out.

Geoff Taylor’s Penmaenpool

Water is a difficult medium to model effectively, Geoff Taylor’s take on it above is an excellent example of doing it really well. As the scenery and trains are mirrored in the water at Penmaenpool, it is completely captivating.

This is something like the effect I’d like to capture. The 08 is sitting on a glass sheet, and the ripple and reflection is what I’m hoping to get close to.

Shelfie 4 Maple River

This is the first attempt at a riverside feature. The gloss panel here has now been covered with the AK Atlantic Blue acrylic gel. The effect above was ok but too smooth so I needed something to disrupt the surface. The temperature in the man cave was good today, so I thought I’d try the gel out. It’s currently drying, and I’ll see what it looks like in a few hours, and assess if it’s viable to carry on with for this project.

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