First Look Rapido’s 16in Hunslet

Rapido Trains Uk OO gauge Hunslet

It’s probably giving the game away but I’m already thinking do I need a second one?

Rapido Hunslet running in

So first impression in ten minutes is this is a very creditable first locomotive release as their own Rapido Trains Uk, rather than as a partnership in projects such as the Model Rail J70 and 16xx locomotives. It’s been run in for around forty minutes at various speeds and directions. The tracks I tested on are the Peco Code 75 Bullhead points and double slip with no issues at all. I’ll follow up with another video and a more traditional blog review. This appears to have a fully geared chassis and the running on inclines will be a good comparison with the less than stellar DJM j94. That’s to come though, but I hope you find this first ten minute overview of interest.

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