Motivation Monday, Take me to the River

Maple River

So the motivation today was checking out yesterday’s application of the AK Interactive Atlantic Blue onto a test piece of plastic sheet. The luminosity above is caused by the light falling on the wet acrylic gel medium.

It dried well overnight, however the brown and deep blue colour mix isn’t working well, so satisfied with the first application drying correctly in around 8c ambient temperature, I’ve given the water area a second coating. The technique and day one result is shown above, so if you’ve got seven minutes of your life you don’t want back feel free to watch it!

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2 Responses to Motivation Monday, Take me to the River

  1. renegourley says:

    Watching with interest. I’ve never been happy with my Muskrat River.

    BTW, an old scenery book in my collection suggests stippling in short fan-like brush strokes to represent the effect of the wind.

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