Happy New Year Bargain!

A quick post today to say thank you for everyone who has read and commented on the blog over the past year, I hope reading the blog has given you as much enjoyment as I’ve had writing it. 2013 was a good year overall, the layout featuring in Railway Modeller, Model Rail, snapped by Mr Nevard http://nevardmedia. , and attending a four shows Lark Rail, Model Rail Live, Manchester (Visitors Cup winner), and Warley. To those of you who came and saw the layout, thank you for your comments and interest, My team of Al R., Ian M., John A. , Pete K., Phil R., Simon T, all really enjoyed ourselves and meeting you.

Athearn Genesis Conrail GP15-1

Athearn Genesis
Conrail GP15-1

Today looking into the new year its customary that we wish each other luck and good health and fortune into the future, its not often that the luck appears so soon though! Today I was at Newark Toyfair, (the UK one, not Newuk Noo Joyzee). Toyfairs can be cracking places for bargains and finding odd things, which occasionally includes the attendees, some of whom make the ‘smellies’ at exhibitions seem squeaky clean. I spied a blue Genesis box for £44, so I took a quick look to find a Conrail Geep. The guy selling didn’t know anything about it and I played possum. After a few mins he suggested a price of £35 and I felt it would be churlish to refuse such a kindly offer, its new years day after all.
He also had old box 70’s athearn locos for similar prices, so I don’t think he was familiar with what he was selling, in other tat next door similar ‘old’ US stock at same sort of price, £30-£40. So, I bought it :o)

A quick check at home reveals its a good’un, DCC ready, runs like a dream and all the bits that should be there. So tempting to add sound to this one, and as the models have a RTR sound fitted counterpart, I’m hoping that’ll be relatively easy. It’s seen here on Wharfedale Road, in 1970’s Boots color process guise. I should perhaps get a sticker on it suggesting the image fault lies with the photographer. Never Boots processing, good lord no!

Its an interesting contrast between this ready to run loco and some of those within the UK market, and there’s some interesting parallels that can be drawn between the two markets that have changed a bit from Steve Jone’s interesting ‘electricnose’ days…

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6 Responses to Happy New Year Bargain!

  1. jongwinnett says:

    I hope the sound conversion proves feasible – I know from bitter experience that the sound and non-sound versions of the genesis MP15AC were completely different, rendering a simple swap difficult, not the frame so much, but the circuit board and light fittings. I note that recent high quality stuff, such as Rocky Rails’ NS MaK 6400, is starting to appear with all the sound provision, including speaker, ready fitted even in the non sound or DCC versions.

    • bawdsey says:

      Jon, thanks very much for the heads up on that, I was thinking of basic lights and sound rather than a full ditch light conversion. If there’s no easy aftermarket sound chip I may not bother with that part of the project.
      Thanks again

  2. jongwinnett says:

    There is a tsunami drop in board – http://www.ulrichmodels.biz/servlet/Detail?no=473, but I’ve no idea how the other hardware fits. Given your experience with considerably harder UK outline models I doubt it’ll be a problem!

  3. davelong says:

    I’d say you jammy so and so. I’ve been keeping an eye out for a UP version, that kind of price normally only gets you a poorer (IMO) Walthers 15-1. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. I

    • bawdsey says:

      I’m still looking for the smug git smiley! It’s just outside my era but was too good to miss so I’ll choose carefully what I do with it. Trust all is well ;0)

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